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  • Anthony Studnicka

Vegas Tries To Wynn Over More Fans

Updated: May 12, 2021

By: Anthony Studnicka

Photo: Las Vegas Raiders Public Relations Team Post 05/11/21.

A new standard for stadium experience has been set. Today, the Las Vegas Raiders announced the implementation of the Wynn Field Club. The Wynn Field Club will provide a nightlife-type experience on the field level of the north end zone at Allegiant Stadium. The Club is reported to include nearly an 11,000 square foot space that will feature appearances by Wynn’s roster of world-class DJs, premium bottle service, and a unique nightlife type of experience.[1]

This implementation may have a profound impact on the sports world in a multitude of ways.

To begin, this will likely drive more innovation and change to the fan experiences in other venues, as venues around the country and world strive to match the offerings of Las Vegas. In essence, to focus on additional revenue generation, teams may strive to enhance their venue experience for their fans (a straightforward concept). This new offering that Allegiant Stadium is implementing is unique for one specific reason. It may be an innovative way to reach new fans. The Wynn Field Club seems like it can succeed by attracting both the most passionate fans, and also “fans” who are less interested in what is actually happening on the field, and more interested in their experience. An innovation like this is sure to only help Las Vegas in their attempt to bid to host a future Superbowl.[2]

For note Super Bowl LVI will be held at SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, California, LVII at State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona, LVIII TBD, and LIX at Mercedes-Benz Stadium in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Furthermore, ionically also today, Jeff Passan of ESPN reported that the Oakland Athletics will begin looking at relocating from their current home in Oakland.[3] This is due to the Athletics’ displeasure with the current stadium. Athletics owner John Fisher said in a statement that “the future success of the A’s depends on a new ballpark.”[4]

Look away, Oakland fans. Dare we possibly see a second team depart Oakland and move to Las Vegas just as the Raiders so recently did? If so, the Athletics would be the third team to recently relocate from Oakland after the Raiders moved to Las Vegas, and the Warriors crossed the Bay to their new home in San Francisco.

After newly erecting a masterpiece of a new stadium for the Raiders, and the city of Las Vegas’ eagerness to house the Las Vegas Knights, it seems clear that Las Vegas is pushing to the forefront of offering the most unique entertainment and sports experience in the world.

The Athletics current lease runs through 2024, and Major League Baseball said in a statement that rebuilding at the coliseum site, the current home of the Athletics, is not a viable option for the future vision of baseball.[5] The MLB has instructed the Athletics to explore other markets while they continue to pursue a waterfront ballpark in Oakland.[6] The news today just makes it clearer that Las Vegas is inevitably a popular pick to be speculated as one of the cities atop of the Athletics list of relocation cities for consideration.

However, this Wynn Field Club innovation ultimately comes with some extreme risks and concerns. To begin, the NFL[7]and Allegiant Stadium both have a code of conduct for fans. These codes of conduct that fans are expected to be held to are not the same standard one would commonly find in a nightclub.

Further, bottle service promotes an environment that enables excessive alcoholic consumption. This type of activity likely runs afoul of the NFL’s public image they are striving to achieve.

In short, these two concerns are more along the lines of “it may not look great, but it is not really illegal.”

However, there are relevant legal concerns too.

With excessive drinking which may (as explained above) be construed to be promoted through a bottle service and nightclub-like atmosphere, the probability that accidents and injuries occur is amplified. Allegiant Stadium will need to raise their security protocols amongst other safety measures to ensure they meet the requisite standard of care provided to their patrons within the Club. Not only will the fans have many of the similar risks associated with attending a nightclub, but they will have the same risks associated with attending a professional sporting event. The clash of these worlds may create a risk management scenario that not even the cruelest of law school tort professors could cook up for a final examination “worst case scenario” fact pattern question.

Further, while the standard of care will need to be elevated for the patrons within the Wynn Field Club, it likely will need to be elevated for patrons outside of the Club too. With DJs performing, alcohol flowing, and other nightclub-like activities occurring, Allegiant Stadium will have to ensure that they continue to promote an atmosphere of compliance with the NFL standards that impact fans and their experience. In short, it is in Allegiant Stadiums’ best interest not only financially and feasibly, but likely also legally to ensure the Club implantation does not take away from or harm the experience of fans outside of the Club. Further, they must ensure they not only abide by their own code of conduct, which they could likely easily amend if necessary, but more importantly the NFL Fan Code of Conduct which forbids “behavior detracting from the enjoyment of fellow guests.”

In conclusion, this innovation is exciting for the sports world. Venues around the world are going to continue to play “leap-frog” and attempt to be the latest and greatest offering the newest and coolest things. However, with new innovations, there are always new risks. Sports stadiums like Allegiant Stadium need to ensure they elevate their risk management standards to match their new offerings.


Anthony is a recent graduate of Arizona State University where he completed both a J.D. and a Master of Sports Law & Business degree. He is the creator of Long Run Sports.

[1] Raiders Public Relations, Wynn Field Club To Debut Nightlife Experience In The End Zone At Allegiant Stadium, 11, 2021), [2] Super Bowl LVI will be held at SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, California, LVII at State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona, LVIII TBD, and LIX at Mercedes-Benz Stadium in New Orleans, Louisiana. LVIII was originally scheduled to be held in New Orleans but was pushed back a year. [3] Jeff Passan, Oakland Athletics To Start Looking At Relocating Elsewhere, ESPN (May 11, 2021), [4] Id. [5] Id. [6] Id. [7] See NFL Code of Conduct, (last visited May 11, 2021).

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